Automatic touchless car wash or self-serve bays.

     Feel Good – Wash It!

Touchless automatic car wash

Your vehicle will sparkle after being cleaned with our state- of -the- art touchless automatic. The wash has hub scrub and under- carriage options, to rid your vehicle of the harmful magnesium chloride used as a de-icer on local roads. Also features Rain-X wax and Hot Lava Bath.

A Clean Car is a happy car

Three large self-serve bays

Prefer to do things yourself? Our three self-serve car wash bays were built extra large to accommodate pick-ups and SUV’s comfortably. Wash options include Rain-X wax and Bug Off.

Car wash is located at our 960 East Broadway location.

Available 24 hours | 960 E Broadway ST, Missoula MT 59802