Look Good-Feel Good

Environmental Stewardship

Our dry cleaning uses an eco-friendly solvent and we provide free reusable garment bags. In addition, we  recycle our hangers for reuse and provide recycling bins at both our Laundromats. We also buy back our green hangers for $.05 each.

Clean & Comfortable

Our facilities are clean, comfortable, and always staffed with our helpful team. We have plenty of well- lit off street parking at both locations.

Free Laundry Soap

Laundry soap is expensive, but not at the Green Hanger. Do your laundry with us and forget about buying laundry soap. We have plenty, and it’s free!

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“The Green Hanger is an excellent place to wash your clothing. The card system works great and they have free soap. The laundromat is very clean and if you need anything dry cleaned you can get it done there in one stop.”

Anonymous, Woodford Location

“Free detergent! Free coffee! Once you find out how to use the Green Hanger, you will never go back to those other laundry places.”

John Smith, Woodford Location

Check out our convenient Missoula Green Hanger location