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146 Woodford St, Missoula
joann adams 3 weeks ago
Employees are friendly and always take care of my needs in a timely manner. Transfers are always done in a timely manner to avoid my clothes getting all wrinkly. My clothes are always pressed to my satisfaction and I never have a problem with the dry cleaning. Had my daughters wedding dress cleaned there and did an excellent job and provided a nice storage box. Seamstress along with some of the employees have been there for a long time. Seamstress is great. Just an all around good place for your laundry needs!
Vanessa Francis 3 weeks ago
I was impressed by the team at Green Hangar. I’m a local Realtor and am always in need of quick, affordable and trustworthy dry cleaning. Tami, Nancy and the crew always take great care of me! I’m excited to see there are new owners! Do yourself a favor and go check them out!
chris 3 weeks ago
Super clean, great employees. They always go above and beyond to make sure I get everything I need and in a timely manner. Will continue to come back to the Green Hanger. Seriously top notch.
Jojo Montana 3 weeks ago
Green hanger is great. I never thought I would enjoy doing laundry at a laundromat, but since I’ve moved into the neighborhood, I’ve really learned to love it! I feel totally comfortable leaving my clothes in a machine and treating myself to a nice coffee or beer down the street while I wait. Super clean environment and friendly staff.
Jessica gardipe a year ago
Clean, friendly, cheap.